• Make a Request - Eligibility
  • Before proceeding, please ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria below
    • Wireless carrier is/was one of the following:

      - Alltell

      - MetroPCS

      - Sprint

      - T-Mobile

      - Verizon

    • Your phone is/was covered under a handset protection program offered through the wireless carrier

    • You filed a handset protection claim and received a replacement device

    • You received the replacement device between March 2004 and November 2009 (except for Sprint subscribers who must have received the replacement device between March 2009 and November 2009) 

    • The replacement device you received was a remanufactured BlackBerry

    • The battery shipped in that replacement device is a BlackBerry-branded battery (see "About the Battery Exchange Program")

  • Make a Request:
  • If you have a potentially affected battery and received a notification letter, please have the following two (2) pieces of information abvailable:
    • Unique Identification Number - 8-digit number on notification letter located above the name and address
    • Mobile Number - 10-digit phone number of the Asurion replacement BlackBerry device
  • To make a battery exchange request, call 1-866-384-9175
  • If you did not receive a notification letter, but believe you have an eligible battery that needs to be exchanged, call the toll-free number listed above and select option number 2 to speak with a representative who will research your prior handset protection program claims and determine if you are eligible.


Please do not contact Asurion about this program. This program is administered by an administration firm that handles all aspects of claims processing. If you have questions, please refer to the FAQs and the other information posted on this site or call 1-866-384-9175.

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